Philly cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak

This is a recipe straight from our food truck to your kitchen table. I've taken the tastes from my childhood in Philadelphia and added some smoky flavours to make this oh-so-gooey and moreish meal! Serve with fries, chips, potato salad, or your favourite side dish. Our BBQ food truck is located in the beautiful city of Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland, but you can find our retailers close to home.


(Serves 4)

800g cooked brisket
Lo & Slo Beef Rub
Lo & Slo BBQ Sauce
2 onions, sliced thin
3 peppers, sliced thin


345g shredded cheddar
Salt, pepper, & cayenne pepper to taste
680ml evaporated milk


4 6-inch sub rolls


1.Roughly chop the brisket and heat over medium heat until warmed. Add your dry rub and a drizzle of BBQ Sauce to taste.

2. Add your peppers and onions to the brisket and mix to incorporate.

3. Brush your subs with butter or oil and toast.

4. To make the cheese sauce, heat the evaporated milk until simmering. Whisk in your cheese and season to taste. Add some hot sauce for an extra kick.

5. Divide your cheesesteak mixture into 4 equal amounts and place in the toasted sub roll. Top with cheese sauce to taste.


• You can use any cheese for the sauce: smoked cheddar is great, as is Provolone or Monterey Jack. Evaporated milk creates a silky, smooth sauce. But you can choose to melt your cheese directly into the brisket mixture or make a traditional cheese sauce with a roux.

• For a meat-free option, try using barbecued oyster mushrooms sliced thin. Add mushrooms, jalapenos and hot sauce to add a little kick.

• Chuck steak, flank, or par-frozen shaved rib-eyes are also great alternatives to brisket.

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