Wild & Fired BBQ School

Welcome to Lo & Slo

Where the crackle of flames and the scent of barbecue sauce evoke memories of cherished traditions and family gathering.

Our journey began with a simple love for cooking with fire, sparked by our American roots and connecting with our favourite people over great food and conversation.


During a challenging time when Norman fell ill, our family rediscovered the importance of prioritising togetherness and following our passions. For us cooking became more than nourishment; it became a way to slow down and connect as a family.

From these moments, Lo & Slo was born.

Our journey began with our Raptor Food Truck, over the years we served thousands of guests and (thanks to the help of these taste testers) we refined our sauce and seasoning recipes to award winning standard! Now, each Lo & Slo sauce and seasoning captures the essence of our journey, carefully crafted to embody the spirit of home-cooked meals and backyard barbecues. Our passion for creativity ensures that every product is a masterpiece of flavour - blending traditional and modern with gritty and refined - to create a truly unique range of products.

Lo & Slo is about more than just great food; it's about connection.

It's the joy of shared meals and the laughter around the table, bringing people together to create lasting memories. We’ve since launched our newest venture - Wild & Fired BBQ School - our in-person foraging, dining and BBQ workshops based at the historic Brook Hall Estate & Gardens in Derry. 

Join us as we celebrate the art of slow cooking, and the magic of sharing meals, and connecting over the love of good food.


As a business, we strive to embody values of authenticity, connection, and creative exploration - encouraging a wholesome approach to cooking, sharing and savouring exceptional food experiences. We’re here to share flavourful moments that inspire a lifestyle where genuine connections, celebration, and culinary exploration thrive.



We’re a blend of contrasts at our core — ancient and modern, gritty and refined - you’ll find us embracing diverse flavours and textures with creativity as our guiding tool.

Dedicated to crafting wholesome, additive-free, and high-quality food, we love sharing experiences that encourage our community to indulge in the art of slowing down, relishing real food, and nurturing connections. 

Our secret ingredients? Making every meal an adventure, turning gatherings into cherished celebrations, and connecting hearts over the love of good food.


Along the way we've been lucky enough to have our Sauces & Seasonings recognised by some of the key food industry bodies, including the Irish Food Awards (Blas na hEireann) whom in 2019 awarded us Bronze and Silver Awards for our Original BBQ Sauce and our Chilli Mop Sauce. As well as more recently, Gold and two Silvers at the Great British Food Awards 2023. 

The Irish Food Award Silver 2019
The Irish Food Bronze Award 2019
Great British Food Gold Award 2024
Great British Food Silver Award 2023

Our Values


Our product range, spanning from handcrafted sauces to artisanal rubs, bears the stamp of approval from the thousands of customers who have savoured our legendary Food Truck offerings.


Our products are born from the genuine experiences of our founders, inspired by American heritage and the time-honoured tradition of cooking with fire.


We take a farm to table approach to our cooking, honouring the heritage of each ingredient, while continuing to embrace our creative approach to recipe creation


Whether you're gathered around a backyard barbecue or exploring new flavours at our Wild & Fired BBQ School, we want our products to spark conversation, inspire creative flavour exploration, and inspire more moments for you to connect with friends and family.


business ethics

our priorities

Whilst we're delivering delicious food, award winning products and memorable BBQ school experiences, we're also being mindful of our responsibility to the wider community. We strive to foster and contribute to a better future for all. Part of this is prioritising the following responsible practices:

Sourcing: Local, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction: Recycling, composting, reusable containers, and eco-friendly packaging minimise waste.

Energy Efficiency: We invest in energy-efficient equipment to minimise environmental impact.

Water Conservation: We follow water-efficient practices and educate our staff on reducing water waste.

Community Engagement: We support local sustainability initiatives and give back to our local community.

Continuous Improvement: We are always learning and regularly review our practices to further reduce our impact.

Accreditations & Accolades

This year Emily was awarded both the 'Local Food Hero, Derry' by the Irish Restaurant Awards 2024 and 'Street Food of The Year - Ulster Winner' in the Yes Chef Awards 2024.

Emily has also been recognised as a 'Platinum Level Innovator' by Invest NI, as well as being a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and TedX.

Lo & Slo is a proud member of Slow Food Movement, Food NI, and Legenderry Food Network.  

Great British Entrepreneur Award
Irish Restaurant Award 2024
Northern Ireland Embrace a Giant Spirit
Our FoodNI Power of Good
Slow Food
Legenderry Great Place - Great Taste
Yes Chef Irish Award


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