Our Story

emily lo and slo

After more than a decade of experience, we've immersed ourselves in a journey of flavours. Countless hours have been dedicated to tasting, experimenting, and relishing in the creation of extraordinary recipes.

With the invaluable insights gleaned from our cherished customers, we are delighted to present our exquisite range of sauces and rubs, available for purchase. Now, you can bring the same culinary delight into your own home, embracing the passion and expertise that have shaped our delectable offerings.


What we live for. People are unacceptably overstressed and undernourished and we are doing something about that in our own unique way through food and celebration!


  • All-in - Nothing halfhearted!
  • Balance - In life & food
  • Grit - Tenacity & Humility
  • Harmony - Connection & peace
  • Generosity - Giving unselfishly

We Believe

  • People are important
  • Life is too busy
  • Community is key - food unites
  • Healthy rest & rhythms heal
  • People are unacceptably over-stressed & undernourished


lo slo wholesome bbq

Street Food

Crafted with a touch of individuality and a lot of passion, Lo & Slo's introduces the extraordinary Raptor Food Truck. Our culinary haven serves up a tantalising fusion of mouth-watering USA BBQ infused with a distinctive Philly-inspired flair.

We're on a mission to transport the vibrant flavors of Philly to a wider audience, and you'll find us gracing local events, weddings, corporate gatherings, joyous celebrations, and even making surprise appearances in unexpected carparks.

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with a symphony of flavors, as our carefully curated menu takes center stage. From the iconic Philly cheese steaks that exude indulgence to the tender embrace of our pulled pork, the irresistible allure of burnt ends, and the artful mastery of char-grilled chicken, each dish is a masterpiece of taste.

Embark on a culinary escapade with us, and you'll find yourself immersed in a world of flavors that beckon you back for more.

lo and slo street food

You can make a booking enquiry for our food truck by simply getting in touch - and of course you can check out our Google Reviews.

Award Winning

Along the way we have been lucky to be recognised by some of the key food industry bodies, including the Irish Food Awards (Blas na hEireann) whom in 2019 awarded us Bronze and Silver Awards for our Original BBQ Sauce and our Chilli Mop Sauce. As well as more recently, Gold and two Silvers at the Great British Food Awards 2023. 

Accreditations, Accolades, & Memberships

Emily has been recognised as a 'Platinum Level Innovator' by Invest NI, as well as being a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and TedX. Lo & Slo is a proud member of Slow Food Movement, Food NI, and Legenderry Food Network.  



Hands-on Learning

Get Stuck In

Our BBQ experts help you get stuck-in & learn to make your own fire and cook a delicious wood-fired meal in the historic walled garden in Brook Hall estate.


Taste & Appreciate

As you cook you taste and appreciate the difference that local, slow farming makes to the best of Northern Irish produce.


Sustainable & Timeless

You will smell, feel, and touch the unique responsibly sourced fuel used in effective BBQ fire cooking including historic hardwood oak from Brook Hall estate



All specialised cooking equipment is premium quality made with by Irish & GB craftsmen.