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Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
Mighty Mustard Dry Rub Beef
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Mighty Mustard Dry Rub (Beef)

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Our Flavour Story

Here at Lo & Slo, our flavours are a true reflection of our journey. Inspired by our American roots and our love for pushing culinary boundaries, each sauce and rub is crafted with heart and soul.

From the smoky allure of our Smoky Paprika Dry Rub to the bold punch of our Mighty Mustard Dry Rub, we blend tradition with creativity to bring you something truly special. We pour our passion for quality and bold tastes into every product, making sure each one is packed with the spirit of good food and good times.

Crafted with Care

At Lo & Slo, we know that great taste comes from great care. That's why we create our products using only the best ingredients, ensuring every jar is packed with the finest flavours.

We're proud to say our sauces and rubs are free from additives, focusing instead on wholesome, natural ingredients that bring out the best in your BBQ. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just starting out, our sauces and rubs are here to help you make easy delicious home-cooked meals.

Lo & Slo makes great food! Have used their sauces on chicken wings, so tasty!

Paul Campbell

Lo & Slo have produced some amazing products. And they are only getting started. All I can say is "if you are reading this" you need to try these sauces

Gareth McMahon

Came across this spice at a random shop while on holiday in Northern Ireland and it has quickly become our favourite thing to put on all our meals. We’re a mixed Japanese family and find it goes extra well on all our rice dishes, but also avocado toast. Even our kids love it. Can’t wait to get some more and try the other sauces!


Amazing sauces... The Vinegar Mop is good on so many things - salads, stir frys...

More than the amazing food it's the heart and passion of Emily and Norman for people that makes Lo&Slo so special.

Sam B

When I was visiting Derry, I had a chance to try Sweet & Smoky Barbecue Sauce and it was amazing! Absolutely phenomenal for bbq, or burgers, or even scrambled eggs on toast.The depth of the flavour is beautiful!

Julia Dunin

Absolutely delicious range of sauces. I especially love the Chilli Mop. It’s insane. Goes well with almost anything. It even makes vegan meals quite bearable. But as an avid carnivore I find it goes best with fatty meats. And brings steak to a whole new level of yummy.

Strength and Honour

Lo&Slo BBQ sauce is amazing & their hot sauce is something else... Would highly recommend you try anything they produce

Leanne Olphert

I always enjoy BBQ offerings they produce. Between their cooked/smoked food as well as their BBQ sauces. Never without their sauces in the cupboard.

Paul Foster