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Welcome to Wild & Fired BBQ School, where we bring the ancient art of cooking with fire to life in a modern, engaging, and fun setting.

Whether you're a BBQ enthusiast, a company looking for a unique team-building experience, or planning a special celebration, our expertly crafted sessions offer something for everyone. Enjoy bold flavours, hands-on learning, and unforgettable memories.

Join us at Wild & Fired BBQ School, where our expert instructors guide you through the art of creating a wood-fired meal in the picturesque setting of the historic walled garden at Brook Hall estate.



As you immerse yourself in the experience, you'll not only learn to build and manage your own fire but also gain a deeper appreciation for the quality and flavour of locally sourced ingredients.

From the aroma of responsibly sourced hardwood oak to the tantalising taste of our award-winning sauces and seasonings, every aspect of your BBQ journey is carefully curated to ensure a memorable and educational experience.

Throughout the session, our instructors provide coaching and support, giving you the opportunity to refine your skills and learn from the best. With access to premium quality UK and Irish handcrafted equipment, you'll have everything you need to create culinary masterpieces to remember.


Wild & Fired BBQ School
Best Quality Ingredients
Best Quality Ingredients
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- Learn to cook with fire in a historic setting -
- Master the art of wood-fired cooking -
- Taste the difference of local, slow-farmed produce -
exclusive location

exclusive location

You'll learn all things BBQ inside the picturesque walled gardens of Brook Hall Estate. The historic grounds lie next to the River Foyle on the edge of Derry, providing the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

This 18th century demesne has been managed over the span of six generations by the Gilliland family. Impressively, their farm is the first in Northern Ireland to be measurably carbon positive. The combination of heritage, nature and sustainability offered here is unmatched.

The majority of our hands-on workshops we host include a bonus tour of the enchanting private estate and gardens by one of the Gilliland family members. It's a priceless experience that our Wild & Fired BBQ School guests are privileged to enjoy.

Praise for Wild & Fired BBQ School

I would highly recommend the Lo & Slo BBQ events... The BBQ school had great food and we enjoyed getting to be hands on with the preparation. The information on the correct meat, cooking techniques , bbq styles and equipment along with the lesson in BBQ fuels ... To top it all off the meal at the end was a spectacular feast even though we ate all the way through anyway!... I will definitely return for another event in the future.

Ian Curtis

Lovely group of people and Emily and Norm were amazing.
Their knowledge and the hands on approach made for a wonderful day.
David was a wonderful host in a fantastic venue.
Highly recommended.

Geraldine Mulholland

We really enjoyed a really fun, educational experience yesterday at the Wild and Fired BBQ School. I learned so much about bbq techniques...! Would thoroughly recommend this. The mops, sauces and flavourings were amazing but also to their credit their partnership with local suppliers. It was also lovely to hear from David Gilliland as he walked is through the Brookhall Estate and talked of it's rich history.

Eimear McCauley

This is a fantastic experience led by top quality staff. Food class and loads of it. Learned a lot.

Aaron Peace


Wayne Stevens

Great experience highly recommend well put together and thought out. From the learning about Brook hall and the history of the city to hands on cooking with fire. Lovely food and lovely people, credit to Emily and Norman.



Experience the flavours, the authentic techniques, and the camaraderie that make Wild & Fired BBQ School a truly unique culinary adventure. Your fire-cooking journey begins here.

Proud Partners

Proud Partners

We're incredibly proud to be a part of Tourism Northern Ireland's 'Embrace a Giant Spirit' program championing the authenticity and uniqueness of Northern Ireland.

This partnership is one that feels so aligned with our commitment to providing exceptional experiences that celebrate the rich heritage of this special land we're so grateful to call home.

We're passionate about our part in embodying and sharing the spirit of adventure, authenticity and togetherness. We want to help you create unforgettable memories, that you cherish for years to come.

We invite you to experience our Giant Spirit, and the true essence and warmth of Northern Irish hospitality and gastronomy.

Wild & Fired BBQ School

Brook Hall Estate & Gardens, 65-67 Culmore Road, Derry BT48 8JE Northern Ireland


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